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Pris’stone Gallery is established in 2013 by Priscilla Teoh-Stoute, a Singapore born designer turned visual artist in 2010. Pris’stone Gallery creates and showcases painted stones, ceramics and sculptures using various styles, techniques and mediums.

Priscilla has been a passionate designer since 1985, working with international clients from a diverse and multi-cultural background. After 25 years of professional designing, she has now dedicated her life to the world of art. Her many cultural journeys to countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Egypt, South-Africa, Cambodia and many more in the Western and Eastern hemispheres, have provided her with a rich source of inspiration. Now living in the countryside in The Netherlands with its four seasons, Priscilla’s creativity has even more breathing space to further grow and develop.

To share her passion, Pris’stone Gallery organizes special stone painting workshops. Holding and painting stones is a fun, energetic,  therapeutic challenge that is a great,  highly addictive and social experience. It’s satisfying to unveil the beauty of otherwise ordinary looking stones.

If you listen with your eyes, you can hear the stones.
~ Priscilla Teoh-Stoute